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Listed below are our free theme songs beginning with the letter G, they are listed in alphabetical order.

G Tv Theme Songs
G E College Bowl
G E College Bowl 1959
G Force G Force Go
G I Joe 1986 Arise Serpentor Arise
G I Joe A Real American Hero Mini Series
GAA Sunday Sport
Gadget and the Gadgetinis Opening
Gadget Boy and Heather
Gadget Boy Opening
Gadget Boys Adventures in History
Galactic Warriors Ginga Man
Galactik Football
Galaxy Goof Ups
Galaxy Goof Ups Ending
Galaxy High
Galaxy Railways
Galaxy Railways Full
Galaxy Rangers
Galaxy Rangers Cartoon
Galaxy Rangers Cartoon Ending
Galaxy Rangers Closing
Galaxy Rangers Closing Version 2
Gallery Full
Galloping Gourmet
Galloping Gourmet Ending
Galtar and the Golden Lance
Game for a Laugh
Game On
Game On Full
Game On Full Version
Game Over
Gangsters 1976 and 1978
Gangsters Full
Garbage Pail Kids Show
Gardeners World
Gardeners World 2006
Gardeners World New
Garfield and Friends
Garfield and Friends Ending
Garfield and Friends Friends are There
Garfield and Friends Spanish
Garfield and Friends Were Ready to Party
Garfield Christmas A Good Old Fashioned Christmas
Garfield Christmas Cant Wait Til Christmas
Garfield Christmas Gimme Gimme Gimme
Garfield Christmas You Can Never Find an Elf
Garfield Goose
Garfield Goose Monkey on a String
Garfield In Paradise Chrome
Garfield In Paradise Flying Days Are Done
Garfield In Paradise Hello Hawaii
Garfields Halloween Adventure
Garfields Halloween Adventure 60 Men All Lost at Sea
Garfields Halloween Adventure Scaredy Cat
Garfields Halloween Adventure What Should I Be
Gargoyles 1995
Gargoyles French
Gargoyles The Goliath Chronicles
Garrisons Gorillas
Garrisons Gorillas Ending
Garry Shandling Show 1
Garry Shandling Show 2
Garry Shandling Show and Anjelica spoof
Garth Marenghis Darkplace
Gary And Mike
Gary Coleman Show Ending
Gary the Rat Edited
Gary Unmarried
Gatchaman BGM 1
Gatchaman BGM 10
Gatchaman BGM 11
Gatchaman BGM 12
Gatchaman BGM 13
Gatchaman BGM 14
Gatchaman BGM 15
Gatchaman BGM 16
Gatchaman BGM 17
Gatchaman BGM 18
Gatchaman BGM 19
Gatchaman BGM 2
Gatchaman BGM 20
Gatchaman BGM 21
Gatchaman BGM 22
Gatchaman BGM 23
Gatchaman BGM 24
Gatchaman BGM 25
Gatchaman BGM 26
Gatchaman BGM 27
Gatchaman BGM 28
Gatchaman BGM 29
Gatchaman BGM 3
Gatchaman BGM 30
Gatchaman BGM 31
Gatchaman BGM 32
Gatchaman BGM 33
Gatchaman BGM 34
Gatchaman BGM 35
Gatchaman BGM 36
Gatchaman BGM 37
Gatchaman BGM 38
Gatchaman BGM 39
Gatchaman BGM 4
Gatchaman BGM 40
Gatchaman BGM 41
Gatchaman BGM 42
Gatchaman BGM 43
Gatchaman BGM 44
Gatchaman BGM 45
Gatchaman BGM 46
Gatchaman BGM 47
Gatchaman BGM 48
Gatchaman BGM 49
Gatchaman BGM 5
Gatchaman BGM 6
Gatchaman BGM 7
Gatchaman BGM 8
Gatchaman BGM 9
Gatchaman Commercial Bumper
Gatchaman Ending
Gatchaman Episode Title
Gatchaman Opening 2
Gatchaman Zoltar
Gator Fight Song
Gavin and Stacy
Gazzetta Football Italia
Gazzetta Football Italia With 4 Logo
Gekisou Sentai Car Ranger Opening
Gekisou Sentai Carranger
Gekisou Sentai Carranger Ending
Gekisou Sentai Carranger Full
Gene Autry Back in the Saddle Again
Gene Simmons Family Jewels
Gene Simmons Rock School
General Hospital
General Hospital 1963 Closing
General Hospital 1963 Open
General Hospital 1976
General Hospital 1976 93
General Hospital 1979 Open
General Hospital 1981
General Hospital 1993 2004
General Hospital 1993 Closing
General Hospital 1993 Open
General Hospital 1996
General Hospital 1997
General Hospital 2004
General Hospital 2006
General Hospital 2009
General Hospital Original
Generation Game
Generation Game 1972 Ending
Generations Closing
Generator Rex Full
Generator Rex Instrumental
Genie in the House
Genie In The House Dutch
Gentle Ben
George and Martha
George and Mildred 1
George and Mildred 2
George and Mildred 3
George and Mildred 4
George and Mildred 5
George and the Dragon
George Gently
George Gently 2009
George Gently 2009 Ending
George Lopez Show
George Michaels Sports Machine
George of the Jungle
George of The Jungle
George of the Jungle 2008
Get a Life
Get Christie Love
Get Christie Love 2nd Version
Get Christie Love Ending
Get Ed
Get It Together
Get Smart
Get Smart alternate version
Get Smart Closing Theme Two Variations
Get Smart Season 1 and 2
Get Smart Season 1 Closing
Get Smart Season 2 Closing
Get Smart Season 3
Get Smart Season 5
Get Smart Season 5 Closing
Get Some In
Get the Picture
Get Your Own Back
Getalong Gang
Ghost Adventures Bobby Mackey Johanna
Ghost Adventures Intro
Ghost And Mrs Muhr
Ghost And Mrs Muir
Ghost Hunters
Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig Full
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Ending
Ghost Rider In the Sky
Ghost Squad
Ghost Train
Ghost Whisperer
Ghost Whisperer Explaination plus Theme
Ghostbusters Bridge Music and Magic
Ghostbusters Cartoon
Ghostbusters Cartoon Halloween
Ghostbusters Ending
Ghostbusters Filmation
Ghostbusters Filmation Instrumental
Ghostbusters Glenn Frey Flip City
Ghostbusters Magic
Ghostbusters Magic Long
Ghostbusters Score and Theme Starts
Ghostbusters Techno Reggae Remix
Ghostbusters The Movie
Ghostly Encounters
Ghostly Encounters Ending
GI Joe
GI Joe 1983 French Canada
GI Joe 1983 USA and Canada
GI Joe 1984
GI Joe 1984 USA Canada
GI Joe 1985 French Canada
GI Joe 1985 USA and Canada
GI Joe 1986
GI Joe 1986 Closing
GI Joe 1989
GI Joe 1990
GI Joe A Real American Hero Mini Series
GI Joe Action Force UK
GI Joe After These Messages 1985
GI Joe After These Messages 1986
GI Joe Average Joes Band
GI Joe Cobra
GI Joe Cold Slither
GI Joe Ending 1
GI Joe Ending 2
GI Joe Extreme
GI Joe Mini Series French Canada
GI Joe Resolute
GI Joe Resolute Ending
GI Joe Sigma Six
GI Joe Sigma Six
GI Joe Sigma Six Be a Hero
GI Joe The Movie
GI Joe The Movie Ending gijoe m2
GI Joe UK Action Force
Gibbsville Ending
Gideons Way
Gideons Way Remix
Gidget Unaired Pilot
Gidget Unaired Pilot Ending
Gillette Cavalcade of Sports Boxing
Gilligans Island
Gilligans Island 1 and 2 seasons
Gilligans Island 3rd Season Open and Close
Gilligans Island Ending
Gilligans Island Pilot
Gilligans Island Pilot Ending
Gilligans Island The Harlem Globetrotters
Gilligans Island The Harlem Globetrotters Closing
Gilligans Planet
Gilmore Girls
Gimme A Break
Gimme a Break 1981 Ending
Gimme A Break 1982
Gimme a Break 1983
Gimme a Break 1983 Ending
Gimme a Break CD Version
Gimme A Break Season 1
Gimme Gimme Gimme
Gimmee A Break
Gintama Ending 11 Full
Gintama Ending 13
Gintama Ending 2
Gintama Ending 3 Full
Gintama Ending 5
Gintama Ending 5 Full
Gintama Ending 6 Full
Gintama Opening 4 Full
Gintama Opening 6
Gintama Opening 7
Gintama Opening 8
Gintama Opening Full
Girl from UNCLE
Girl from UNCLE Ending
Girl In The White Coat
Girlfriends Ending
Girls Next Door
Girls Next Door Long Version
Giuliana and Bill Savannah Packard Love Loving You
Give n Take
Give Us A Clue
Gladiator Ending
Gladiators Duel
Gladiators Eliminator
Gladiators Hang Tough
Gladiators The Wall
Glee 4 Minutes
Glee Alone Featuring Kristin Chenoweth
Glee Bad Romance
Glee Beth
Glee Bohemian Rhapsody
Glee Bust Your Windows
Glee Cant Fight This Feeling
Glee Christmas Baby Its Cold Outside
Glee Christmas Deck the Rooftop
Glee Christmas God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Glee Christmas Jingle Bells
Glee Christmas Last Christmas
Glee Christmas Merry Christmas Darling
Glee Christmas O Christmas Tree
Glee Christmas O Holy Night
Glee Christmas The Most Wonderful Day of the Year
Glee Christmas We Need a Little Christmas
Glee Christmas Welcome Christmas
Glee Christmas Youre a Mean One Mr Grinch
Glee Defying Gravity
Glee Dont Rain On My Parade
Glee Dont Stand So Close To Me Young Girl
Glee Dont Stop Believin
Glee Dream On feat Neil Patrick Harris
Glee End Credits
Glee Forget You
Glee Gold Digger
Glee Halo Walking On Sunshine
Glee Hello Goodbye
Glee I Could Have Danced All Night
Glee Ill Stand By You
Glee Imagine
Glee Its My Life My Confessions
Glee Jump
Glee Keep Holding On
Glee Lean On Me
Glee Like A Prayer
Glee Maybe This Time
Glee No Air
Glee On My Own
Glee Papa Dont Preach
Glee Piano Man
Glee Poker Face
Glee Push It
Glee Rehab
Glee Somebody to Love
Glee Sweet Caroline
Glee Sweet Transvestite
Glee Take a Bow
Glee Taking Chances
Glee Thong Song
Glee Time Warp
Glee To Sir With Love
Glee Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Glee True Colors
Glee Vogue
Glen Michaels Cartoon Cavalcade
Glen Michaels Cartoon Cavalcade Full
Glenn Martin DDS
Glenn Miller Chattanooga Choo Choo
Glenroe Ending
Glenroe RTE
Glenroe RTE Ending
Glenview High 1977
Glo Friends
Global Local News
Global Television Ident 1992
Global TV Global National
Global TV Local News
Globe Trekker
Globo Loco 2004
GLOW Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
Glynis Ending
GMTV 1993
GMTV 1999
GMTV 2009
GMTV 2009 Ending Full
GMTV 2009 Opening Bed
GMTV Full Version
GMTV Intro Transition
GMTV Outro Transition
GMTV Regions Technical Fault
GMTV With Lorraine Ending
Go Bots
Go Diego Go
Go Ending
GO GO Gophers
GO GO Thomas
GO GO Thomas Extended
Go onger 1
Go onger 2
Go onger Ending 1
Go onger Ending 2
GoBots Rocklords
Godzilla Final Wars End Title
Godzilla Final Wars Main Theme
Godzilla Final Wars Commander Namikawas Abnormality
Godzilla Final Wars Cruising the Cirro Stratus
Godzilla Final Wars Demo Cruising the Cirro Stratus
Godzilla Final Wars Demo Kazamas Sacrifice
Godzilla Final Wars Demo Music 11
Godzilla Final Wars Demo Music 7
Godzilla Final Wars Demo Music 8
Godzilla Final Wars Dr Otonashi
Godzilla Final Wars Earth Defense Force and the Threat of Monsters
Godzilla Final Wars Ebirah vs Mutants
Godzilla Final Wars Ebirah vs the Mutant Forces
Godzilla Final Wars EDF Museum
Godzilla Final Wars End of The Xiliens
Godzilla Final Wars End Titles Version 02
Godzilla Final Wars Ending M37 Edit Type 1 Version
Godzilla Final Wars Ending M37 Full
Godzilla Final Wars Ending M37 Type 2 Another Version
Godzilla Final Wars Ending Title Version 1
Godzilla Final Wars Fierce Battle of 4 Giant Monsters
Godzilla Final Wars Fight in UFO Mothership I
Godzilla Final Wars Fight in UFO Mothership II
Godzilla Final Wars First Meeting Version 01 REJECTED
Godzilla Final Wars First Meeting Version 02 REJECTED
Godzilla Final Wars Gigan Awakens
Godzilla Final Wars Gigan Awakens M16
Godzilla Final Wars Gigan Mummified
Godzilla Final Wars Godzilla and Minilla Leave
Godzilla Final Wars Godzilla Main Theme REJECTED
Godzilla Final Wars Godzilla vs Hedorah and Ebirah
Godzilla Final Wars Godzilla vs Keizer Ghidorah
Godzilla Final Wars Godzilla vs Kumonga and Kamacuras
Godzilla Final Wars Godzilla vs the 3 Giant Monsters
Godzilla Final Wars Gotengo and Godzilla
Godzilla Final Wars Gotengo Break Through
Godzilla Final Wars Gotengo Break Through Mothra Flies
Godzilla Final Wars Gotengo Launch
Godzilla Final Wars Gotengo vs Manda M3 Master 2
Godzilla Final Wars Gotengos Underground Base
Godzilla Final Wars High Battle
Godzilla Final Wars Highway Battle
Godzilla Final Wars Immediate music Redrum
Godzilla Final Wars Infant Island
Godzilla Final Wars Kazamas Sacrifice
Godzilla Final Wars Keizer Conflict
Godzilla Final Wars Keizer Ghidorah Appears
Godzilla Final Wars Keizer GhidorahGodzilla vs Keizer Ghidorah
Godzilla Final Wars King of Monsters Returns
Godzilla Final Wars M Organization Combat Training Facility
Godzilla Final Wars M1 Master 1 REJECTED
Godzilla Final Wars M2A REJECTED
Godzilla Final Wars M3 Master 4 REJECTED
Godzilla Final Wars Main Title
Godzilla Final Wars Manda vs Gotengo
Godzilla Final Wars Manda vs Gotengo 2
Godzilla Final Wars Message from Infant Island
Godzilla Final Wars Monster X Appears
Godzilla Final Wars Monster X Appears M29
Godzilla Final Wars Monster Zero March Version 01
Godzilla Final Wars Monster Zero March Version 02 REJECTED
Godzilla Final Wars Mothra Flies
Godzilla Final Wars Mothra vs Gigan
Godzilla Final Wars Operation Final War
Godzilla Final Wars Operation Final Wars M18 19
Godzilla Final Wars Parody Spy Music Turned Serious 1 REJECTED
Godzilla Final Wars Parody Spy Music Turned Serious 2 REJECTED
Godzilla Final Wars Respecting G
Godzilla Final Wars Reveal
Godzilla Final Wars Rodan Attacks NYC
Godzilla Final Wars Rodan in New York
Godzilla Final Wars Secretary General Daigos Accident
Godzilla Final Wars The Battle is Over
Godzilla Final Wars The Xiliens Arrive
Godzilla Final Wars The Xiliens Arrive M10 Edit
Godzilla Final Wars The Xiliens Intent
Godzilla Final Wars We Love X 1 and 2
Godzilla Final Wars Wrath of Godzilla
Godzilla Final Wars Xilien Conspiracy I
Godzilla Final Wars Xilien Conspiracy II
Godzilla Final Wars Xilien Ship 1 REJECTED
Godzilla Final Wars Xilien Ship 3 REJECTED
Godzilla The Series
Gogo Gopher
GoGo Sentai Boukenger Full
GoGo Stop
Going for Gold
Going Live
Going Live Short
Going Straight
Going To Extremes
Golden Balls
Golden Girls
Golden Girls alterEGO Version
Golden Girls Hard Heart Hannah
Golden Girls I Got You Babe
Golden Girls Miami You Got Style
Golden Girls Mr Sandman
Golden Girls Reunion 2003
Golden Shot
Goldie Gold and Action Jack
Goldie Gold and Action Jack Ending
Gomer Pyle USMC
Gomer Pyle USMC Ending
Gong Show Long
Goober And The Ghost Chasers
Good and Evil
Good Eats
Good Life
Good Luck Charlie
Good Morning America 1982
Good Morning America 1989
Good Morning America 1992
Good Morning America 1992 96
Good Morning America 1997 99
Good Morning America 1999
Good Morning America 2000
Good Morning America 2008
Good Morning America 2010
Good Morning America Original 1978 86
Good Morning Brittain
Good Morning Miss Bliss
Good Neighbours
Good Neighbours Ending
Good News Week
Good Sports
Good Times
Good Times 1974
Good Times CD Version
Good Times Ending
Goodness Gracious Me
Goodnight Sweetheart
Goodtime Girls
Goodtime Girls 1st Intro
Goof Troop
Goosebumps Long
Goosebumps Ultimate
Gosei Sentai DaiRanger
Gosei Sentai DaiRanger Full
Gossip Girl
Gotta Find That Dragonball
Grace and Favour
Grace Under Fire 1995
Grace Under Fire 1996
Gracie Films
Gracie Films Treehouse of Horror
Grampian Ident 1987 1989
Grampian Idents 1961 2000
Grampian Television
Granada 1989
Granada 1995
Granada 1999
Granada Television
Grand Designs
Grandpa In My Pocket
Grandstand CD Version
Grandstand Ending
Grandstand Finale Ending
Grandstand News Scoop
Grandstand Opening
Grandstand UK Sports
Grange Hill
Grange Hill 1978
Grange Hill 1980
Grange Hill 2001
Grange Hill 2004
Grange Hill Birdman Theme 2008
Gravedale High
Great British Menu
Great Chefs Great Cities
Great Chefs Great Cities Ending
Great Mazinger
Great Mazinger BGM
Great Mazinger With Vocals
Great Scott
Greatest American Hero
Greatest American Hero Ending Version 1
Greatest American Hero Ending Version 2
Greatest American Hero Full CD Version
Greatest American Hero Pilot
Greatest American Hero Pilot Ending
Greatest American Hero Syndicated
Greed Ending
Greed Main Theme
Greed Terminator
Green Acres
Green Acres Instrumental
Green Green Grass
Green Hornet
Green Hornet Actor Intro
Green Hornet Bruce Lee
Green Hornet Radio
Green Lantern
Green Machine Commercial
Green Wing
Greg the Bunny
Greys Anatomy
Greys Anatomy Full Version
Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Grim and Evil
Grimleys Noddy Holder Cum On Feel The Noize
Grimms Fairy Tale Theater
Grindl 1963
Grindl 1963 Ending
Grindl 1963 Opening Transition
Grindl 1964
Grindl 1964 Ending
Grizzly Adams
Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids
Grizzly Tales Welcome to The Squeam Screen
Groovie Goolies 123
Groovie Goolies Whats in the Bag
Ground Force
Grounded for Life 2001
Grounded for Life 2002
Growing Pains
Growing Pains 1985
Growing Pains 1992 Acapella
Growing Pains 1992 Acapella Short
Growing Pains 1st Version
Growing Pains 2nd Theme
Growing Pains alterEGO Version
Growing Pains Closing
Growing Pains Radio Version
Growing Pains Season 4
Growing Pains Syndicated
Growing Up Gotti
Growing Up Twisted
Gucksrad 1994 1997
Guess What
Guestward Ho
Guiding Light
Guiding Light 1952
Guiding Light 1953 open
Guiding Light 1966 close
Guiding Light 1966 open
Guiding Light 1970 close
Guiding Light 1975 close
Guiding Light 1976 close
Guiding Light 1976 close alternate
Guiding Light 1976 open
Guiding Light 1981 close
Guiding Light 1982 close
Guiding Light 1982 open
Guiding Light 1984 close
Guiding Light 1985 open
Guiding Light 1986 close
Guiding Light 1986 close melancholy Alternate
Guiding Light 1986 open 1
Guiding Light 1986 open 2
Guiding Light 1989
Guiding Light 1989 close
Guiding Light 1989 Close
Guiding Light 1991
Guiding Light 1993 open
Guiding Light 1995 close
Guiding Light 1996
Guiding Light 1996 close 2 jazz
Guiding Light 1996 Jazz Version
Guiding Light 1996 open 1st ver
Guiding Light 1998
Guiding Light 2000
Guiding Light 2002
Guiding Light 2003
Guiding Light 2006
Guiding Light 2008
Guiding Light 52 Ending
Guiding Light 55 Ending
Guiding Light 55 ver
Guiding Light 60s ver
Guiding Light 60s ver Ending
Guiding Light 60s Version
Guiding Light 60s Version Ending
Guiding Light 70 ver 2 Ending
Guiding Light 72 ver 2 Ending
Guiding Light 74 ver
Guiding Light 74 ver Ending
Guiding Light 79 ver
Guiding Light 79 ver Ending
Guiding Light 81 ver
Guiding Light 83 ver
Guiding Light 84 ver
Guiding Light 87 ver Ending
Guiding Light 90 ver
Guiding Light 90 ver Ending
Guiding Light 95 LP vocal ver
Guiding Light 97 ver
Guiding Light Long Closing March 27 1991
Guinness Book of Records Primetime
Gullah Gullah Island
Gullah Gullah Island Ending
Gumby The Gumby Heart Song
Gummi Bear Dance Hall
Gummi Bears 1
Gummi Bears 2
Gummi Bears Acapella
Gummi Bears Afternoon Version
Gummi Bears Bulgarian
Gummi Bears CD Version
Gummi Bears Danish
Gummi Bears Dutch
Gummi Bears Ending
Gummi Bears Estradasphere
Gummi Bears French
Gummi Bears German
Gummi Bears Hungarian
Gummi Bears Japanese
Gummi Bears Original
Gummi Bears Polish
Gummi Bears Pop
Gummi Bears Russian
Gummi Bears Ska
Gummi Bears Slovakian
Gummi Bears Spanish
Gummi Bears Swedish
Gummi Bears Swedish Techno Remix
Gummi Bears Techno
Gummy Bears alterEGO Version
Gundam Seed Destiny
Gundam Seed Destiny Special Edition
Gundam Seed Ending 1
Gundam Seed Ending 1 Full
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Ending
Gundam Wing Just Communication
Gundam Wing Just Communication Type II
Gundam Wing Original Japanese Version
Gunsmoke 1955 1975
Gunsmoke 1956
Gunsmoke 1964 Closing
Gunsmoke 1967
Gunsmoke 1967 Ending
Gunsmoke CD Version
Gunsmoke Marshall Dillon
Gunsmoke with John Wayne Intro
GUTS Do You Have It
Guys Big Bite

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